Newport Collection acquires a 700-square-metre interior decor shop at NK in Stockholm

Newport Collection acquires a 700-square-metre interior decor shop at NK in Stockholm and invests in the Ralph Lauren furniture and lighting collection, the only one of its kind in Sweden.

Today, the Newport Collection textile producer announces that it has acquired Newport In & Exterior AB, which operates a 700-square-metre large interior decor shop at NK in Stockholm. This purchase gives Newport Collection the right to the Newport trademark for furniture production and in setting up stores.

Newport Collection currently operates a chain of stores under the name Rhode Island, which upon the purchase will change its name to Newport. The store at NK will be part of the chain of stores and become the flagship store with one 150-square-metre section featuring Ralph Lauren’s furniture and lighting series. This is the only store in Sweden that will sell Ralph Lauren Lighting. The rest of the product selection includes furniture and interior fittings corresponding to the American New England style and the European colonial style. The concept is based on offering exclusive, top-quality brand interior design. The ever-growing interior design trend in Sweden has helped to generate a handsome profit for Newport Collection, which is now working on opening more stores around Sweden.

The Newport Collection range is marketed in some twenty countries, of which Sweden and Germany make up the largest markets. In recent years, sales have increased by more than 40 % per year. According to Newport’s CEO and principle owner, Bo-Wilhelm Horndahl, the brand-name interior décor of top quality is one of the very few business segments that is quickly growing with a good level of profitability. “In general, Swedish commerce has major problems. This applies to everything from the large fashion chains to the more niche fashion market, home electronics and supermarkets. Exclusive interior design is the exception. We see a steady and rapid growth on nearly all of our markets and consumers in many different cultures are united in their love for our beautiful and comfortable decorative style”.